UNC Graduate: Allison

Congratulations to this sweet UNC Fall graduate!! Allison has the warmest heart, a joyful spirit, and I LOVED working with her! This graduation session was full of style, beauty, and fun props! I love when my clients get creative and bring their friends along!

Being a Tri-Sigma sister of mine, Allison showed me exactly what it means to be a sister and a friend. After meeting her at the session for the first time, she invited me to join the sorority for dinner in their home or to at least go over and meet some of the other sisters! Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t the best and I couldn’t make it happen. But, the point is that she was so kind, welcoming, and made me feel so thankful to have a client like her!

Thank you, Allison, for the most amazing review after I delivered your gallery- you are too sweet!!! Wishing you nothing but the best after graduation! You will be so successful if you keep shining your light and spreading the love! XO



XO Remy

Wilmington Couples Session

Austin and Christian are SO in love that I can’t stand it! I love watching these two grow together in so many different ways. I met Austin while working in Cape Hatteras, NC a few summers back. She has the sweetest soul and the kindest heart! I met Christian when he started visiting Austin throughout the summer during her internship. They were too cute together and it just made my heart happy!! I just LOVE love, obviously… 🙂 When Austin was graduating from East Carolina, she asked for me to take her senior pictures and I was thrilled!!! She was one of my first ECU seniors before my business really started to take off. Two years later, I’m taking romantic and fun couple’s pictures for these two cuties who found their new home in Wilmington, NC. Finding and living in a location that you love, with the person you love, with jobs and people who give you happiness- that’s something to celebrate! Love this couple and love this Fall shoot!!

When Austin was graduating from East Carolina, she asked for me to take her senior pictures and I was thrilled!!! She was one of my very first ECU seniors before my business really started to take off. Two years later, I’m taking fun and romantic couple’s pictures for these two cuties who found their new home in Wilmington, NC. Finding and living in a location that you love, with the person you love, and with jobs and people who give you happiness- that’s something to celebrate! Love this couple and love this Fall shoot!!



XO Remy

NC State Graduation Session

This was my first visit to NC State and I LOVED it!!!! Emily was so easy to work with as Eli (my hubby/reflector assistant) and I followed her around to the main spots on campus! It was so beautiful and I had the best time shooting in a different location than normal! This senior showed up with my favorite props- GLITTER & CHAMPAGNE!!! Those turned out to be some of my favorites from this session! Keep scrolling and you’ll find all the action shots towards the bottom, plus the cutest outfit EVER that Emily ended the session with on a dock by the water. Perfect weather, a stunning location, a beautiful and sweet senior, a lot of red (a color I never get to photograph), my favorite props, and SO much fun!!! Loved this graduation session and LOVE my clients!!



XO Remy

Introducing One-On-One Mentoring

Well, I think the title may have given away the big announcement! 🙂

YAS, it’s true!! I am now offering one-on-one mentoring to budding photographers who are looking to improve their skills, invest in their education, and grow their businesses! Mentoring is the best way to take your business to the next step and start making your dreams a reality! Having a mentor,  someone to push you in the right direction, and someone to encourage you to keep going, is the most valuable resource you can invest in! Over the past year or so I have been getting a lot of emails and messages asking photography-related questions. I LOVE that so many people choose to come to me for questions and it makes me feel so honored! That’s when I knew I had to start trying this whole mentor thing, to take helping other photographers to an entirely new level.

When I first started photography, I felt seriously confused about EVERYTHING. I decided to reach out to just about every photographer I could find and asked if they were offering any type of mentoring. Some people just didn’t respond and most didn’t offer anything. Then I found workshops, and decided to go that direction instead. I love workshops, but I wasn’t where I wanted to be in my business when I attended my first one! I wish I would have found someone to sit down with me and break it all down piece by piece. I was frustrated, discouraged, and totally annoyed that I couldn’t find anyone in my area to help me. You don’t need to feel that same way.

Now, it’s MY opportunity to help YOU. I want to offer mentoring to those photographers who are starting out just like I did. If you are willing to work hard, learn, grow, and chase your dreams, this is for you!! I am here to guide you, teach you, encourage you, and help you succeed in the business you are meant for! This is your time to take advantage of something that could completely change your business. I want you to feel confident in your brand, style, skills, and the goals you have for the future!

If you are interested in knowing more about my One-On-One Mentoring, please email me for details at remybthompson@gmail.com! I would LOVE to get to know you and everything about your business! It’s time to celebrate, because you are about to start investing in yourself and making your dreams reality!!

For the past few months I’ve been planning a 6-Hour Mentoring Session located in Midlothian, VA with Colleen Megan Photography. Colleen originally messaged with a question a while back. After we spoke, I learned she wanted to really grow as a photographer, so I offered her some mentoring packages to choose from. She was ALL about it! Finally, the mentor day came to life this past Tuesday! We both met at a coffee shop to review the power point lessons that I had prepared and we talked for hours. I LOVED hearing her goals and being able to push her closer to achieving them. We had an awesome day getting to know each other better through our passion for photography! Our time together was jam-packed with a ton of material and great conversation, but the fun didn’t stop there…

The package she chose included a portrait session at the end with a model. I ended up surprised her with a full photoshoot including three stunning models, a variety of session types/outfits/props to practice with, a makeup artist, a florist, and a beautiful venue! THIS WAS CRAZY FUN!!! We started our session in the golden sunshine and finished just after sunset to practice the new lighting techniques she had just learned. She left feeling SO confident and she killed it during the photoshoot!! I was so proud to see her practicing the new skills I taught her during the lessons and learning more and more as the night went on. We were both exhausted by the end of the night, but our hearts were so full! I will never forget my first One-On-One Mentoring Session thanks to Colleen, these awesome models, and amazing vendors. I am so excited to share the beautiful images from the photoshoot!

Before that, I want to share Colleen’s testimony from after our Mentor Day together! She is so so sweet and I love her enthusiasm for life! She is going to be so successful as a girl boss and I can’t wait to see her business take off! 

“When starting my business I was struggling to keep a float in the photography world. As many say it is an intimidating, overwhelmingly lonely game, and I couldn’t agree more, that is until I met Remy. She went above and beyond to comfort me and remind me I am not alone in this. Driving away from my mentor session I was ready to take this adventure in my business head on! Her fun loving attitude broke me out of my shell, and allowed me to drastically step out of my comfort zone. I went from hiding behind my camera to taking control of it. The future is is bright for Colleen Megan Photography, and that is all thanks to my incredible mentor Remy, her words of wisdom and, guidance ignited a fire inside of me I didn’t know could exist. I am a better photographer because of her, and for that I am truly humbled for the opportunity of working alongside her! If anyone is looking to grow their education and business Remy Thompson is a game changer!”  -Colleen 8/8/17

First… headshots, of course!! 🙂 Isn’t Colleen stunning?!REM_4953_114.jpg2017-08-10_0006.jpgREM_4909_98.jpgREM_4996_135.jpgREM_4950_111.jpgREM_4963_121.jpg


NOW.. the photoshoot!! Huge shoutout to the vendors and models, they killed it!

Photography by Remy Thompson Photography | Makeup by AnnMarie Taylor |  Florals(horse garland and bouquets) by Lasting Florals | Models: Brenna, Maddy, and Compton | Venue: Double B Equestrian in Moseley, VA | Mentee: Colleen Megan


AnnMarie is SO talented, I was thrilled to have her as a vendor!! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram @makeupbyvnnmarie_


We started off with a mini graduation shoot of these two cute friends, Compton and Maddy. Next we moved into bridal portraits with Brenna! You’re about to be blown away…




Just wait until you see the horse with it’s owner, Compton. SO CUTE!!



XO Remy

Engagement Session in RVA

In honor of these two lovely people getting married this weekend (EEE YAY!!), I figured I would share their sweet engagement session from this past winter! Kayla was my random roommate during my first year at East Carolina University. Sure enough, after her soon-to-be hubby proposed a few years later, she reached out to book their engagement session with me!

I was seriously SO excited for this! Kayla and Randy are crazy fun, so in love, and they just radiate happiness!! This particular winter day was, of course, absolutely FREEZING.  I don’t know how she did it, but she was really a trooper wearing those dresses in that frigid weather! She looked stunning and these images are some of my favorites!! Cloudy skies turned into the most perfect golden hour. You’ll definitely want to stick around to see how this session ended on Libby Hill! Allll the heart eyes for that lighting and these two love birds! 🙂 


XO Remy

Becoming Mr. and Mrs. Thompson!

F I N A L L Y!!!! I have been a busy-little-bee since the wedding, but I am so excited I finally get to share our wedding photos!!! Eli and I spent the week of the wedding at the beach in Avon, NC, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t overwhelming. I don’t like to use the word stress..probably because it stresses me out.. but I will say it was a lot to handle. With so many family members and friends in town, it was a lot to balance, but it was SO much fun! Before I knew it, Friday was here and I was getting ready for our wedding rehearsal and dinner. By time we were able to sit down at the rehearsal dinner, it was like a wave of peace came over me and everything was right in the world. It was such a special and perfect night in every way. Eli even played/sang a song for me and all the guests. I don’t think there was a dry eye in there- except for maybe the young kids in back who still think love is weird. My in-laws did an incredible job with the dinner and we are most definitely going to remember that night forever.

June 10, 2017 was a DREAM day. I woke up feeling more relaxed than any other day that week. Before getting out of bed, our dog (Behr) snuggled up to me and put his head on my chest and looked at me like “happy wedding day, mom!”, which was unusual because every other morning he woke up hyper and annoying me to let him out..I snuck out of the house to take a walk on the beach with Behr that morning. It was cloudy and the ocean was insanely calm. Before I walked back to the house, I stopped to say a prayer and give thanks. I swear in that moment God sent me a hug through a burst of sunshine with beautiful big rays shining down on the water. I cried, because duh, your wedding day is emotional! 🙂

The day continued to stay calm while the girls got their hair and makeup done and, of course, the guys went out surfing and riding bikes likes boys do on wedding days… There were so many special moments that I will always remember about those moments before the ceremony. Before I knew it, I was walking down the aisle arm in arm with my dad, looking at nothing but Eli with tears in my eyes. You know in movies when you see everything blurred out around you except for that one person? That’s exactly what happened and it was amazing. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story, mainly because the entire night was a huge blur too.

To sum things up, our wedding was absolutely incredible in every way. Eli and I are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives that surround us with an enormous amount of love. We’re so thankful that everyone traveled all the way to Avon from all over the U.S. to celebrate our marriage. We also can’t thank the vendors enough for working so hard to make our wedding day come to life. We truly had the best of the best vendors and we were so happy to work with all of these people. THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who joined us on this special day. I also have to send a big thank you to my parents who made this possible for us and Eli’s family who worked so hard at Koru Village to make our wedding week perfect for us and our guests. We are so blessed!!


Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of the Seas | Reception Venue: Koru Village Beach Klub | Wedding Planner: The Proper Setting | Ceremony Music: A Major Harmony | Reception Music: In Full | Caterer: Steamers | Cake/Dessert: Just Desserts | Late Night Pizza/Snacks: Cosmo’s Pizzeria | Florist/Decor: Bells & Whistles + The Flower Field | Reception Rentals: Ocean Atlantic Event Rentals | Hair stylist and Makeup artist: Bombshells Studio | Spa/Nails: Spa Koru | Invitations: HLR Designs | Invitation Art Work, Framed Drawing, + Shot Glasses: Nate Knoth | Gown Designer: Hayley Paige | Photographer: Hope Taylor Photography


View More: http://hopetaylorphotographyphotos.pass.us/remy-and-eli2017-07-06_0001.jpg2017-07-06_0002.jpgView More: http://hopetaylorphotographyphotos.pass.us/remy-and-eliView More: http://hopetaylorphotographyphotos.pass.us/remy-and-eliView More: http://hopetaylorphotographyphotos.pass.us/remy-and-eliDetails-0037.jpgGetting Ready-0137.jpg