Downtown Petersburg Couple’s Session

Remember when I did a fun giveaway for a couples session when I launched my new website!? These two newlyweds won, and it couldn’t have been more amazing!!!! After getting married in July, they both moved to Virginia, all the way from California! A romantic and joyful photo shoot in the new city was a perfect way to celebrate their big move! Adjusting to a new state and being far from family and friends can being SO stressful and really hard. I’m happy we could do this to give them a small break and take a little tour of Petersburg! We met up downtown and I was blown away at how adorable it was!! They made my job incredibly easy while loving on each other the entire session!

THANK YOU to the Kirchers for entering my giveaway and being a joy to work with! Xo




XO Remy

Engagement Session in RVA

In honor of these two lovely people getting married this weekend (EEE YAY!!), I figured I would share their sweet engagement session from this past winter! Kayla was my random roommate during my first year at East Carolina University. Sure enough, after her soon-to-be hubby proposed a few years later, she reached out to book their engagement session with me!

I was seriously SO excited for this! Kayla and Randy are crazy fun, so in love, and they just radiate happiness!! This particular winter day was, of course, absolutely FREEZING.  I don’t know how she did it, but she was really a trooper wearing those dresses in that frigid weather! She looked stunning and these images are some of my favorites!! Cloudy skies turned into the most perfect golden hour. You’ll definitely want to stick around to see how this session ended on Libby Hill! Allll the heart eyes for that lighting and these two love birds! 🙂 


XO Remy

Honeymoon in Eleuthera, Bahamas

Yassss, I am so excited to share the inside scoop on our honeymoon!! We did #ALLthethings you should be doing on a honeymoon. We relaxed, reminisced on the wedding memories, took beach naps, ate lots of sushi, talked about future plans, adventured around the island in a goofy rental car, visited all the touristy spots, drank out of coconuts, kissed in clear ocean water, played in PINK sand, rented a golf cart, did a little snorkeling and kayaking, did some surfing (well, Eli did), drove too far (and got lost), we laughed (a lot), met a movie star (no biggie), and we had the time of our lives.

We are so incredibly thankful that we were able to have a honeymoon just like this. It was perfect in every way and we will definitely be returning for an anniversary trip down the road. Eleuthera was a beautiful island with such friendly people and so much to do! Our honeymoon was everything we dreamed of and more.. Here are some GoPro action shots and more from my camera (YAY for new, fun headshots)! 

GoPro Photos:


Nikon D750 Photos:



XO Remy


officialMy entire world has revolved around weddings for the past five years. It started with an internship, then it became a full-time job, then I began second shooting weddings, then I shot a few weddings on my own, now Eli and I just had a wedding of our own (YIPEE, I’M A WIFEY), and boom, now I’m officially a wedding photographer. I found myself longing to photograph the weddings rather than coordinating the weddings over the past few years. Which was different, because I had always wanted to pursue wedding planning. My background in Hospitality and working in the wedding industry has allowed me to grow and learn so much about the behind the scenes of weddings. This is what I believe will allow me to be such a successful wedding photographer.

After growing more and more as a photographer, I made myself a promise and I created my own goals. I promised and believed that I would take the time to be qualified and ready to become a wedding photographer by the time of our wedding, June 10th, 2017. Since then, I worked hard to make sure this happened, and now here I am. I am 110% confident in my photography skills as a wedding photographer. Two years ago I told a mentor, “I won’t be jumping into weddings until probably ten years from now, because there is too must to learn and I want to feel ready”.  

After all the dedication and determination to officially start my wedding photography business, I am SO excited to start this new journey. In the past year, I was asked several times to shoot weddings for couples I knew or met through portrait sessions. Of course I wanted to say “YES YES YES” so badly, but I knew I wasn’t ready. I felt that I couldn’t commit to something so special and important without really feeling confident in my knowledge and skills. Within the past few months, I realized I was finally ready. Sure, maybe I was ready before that, and it took a little encouragement to say it out loud, but now I can openly say, “I AM READY FOR ANYTHING”. I have seen a lot of photographers jump right into weddings without having full knowledge about what could happen in any situation. While jumping into things can be awesome and I say good for them, it could still become a recipe for disaster. I wanted to be fully ready, and I’m happy to say I am finally at that place.

missionI want for every RTP bride and groom to feel an enormous amount of LOVE on their special day. I’ve seen wedding days from almost every vendor’s perspective before the makeup is applied, after the first kiss, during the cake cutting and so much between. I’ve been a bride who knows the most overwhelming and stressful bits about a wedding. I know everything that goes into a wedding day, and I also know that it is SO important to remember that LOVE is the purpose and meaning of your day. With all of the tiny details, rushing around, tight schedules, and balancing the family and friends around you, it is so important to remember through all of your emotions that your day is about the love you share and celebrating that love with all of those people who love and care about you.

It’s easy to lose focus of what really matters when there is so much going on around you, and I want to be that person who reminds you to take a breathe, close your eyes, hold hands and feel your heart exploding full of joy because you are getting married!!! If you’re a romantic, like me, we might just be a perfect fit. 🙂 My mission is to make sure you feel nothing but love, happiness, and excitement, and that I capture every emotion through the smiles, laughs, tears, kisses, hugs, and everything in between, on YOUR wedding day. 

While my new website is being updated and reviewed for my “Launch Day”, I’ll be sharing my own images from most of the weddings I have been a second shooter or main photographer at thus far. I hope you enjoy! 

If you or someone you know is getting married in 2018(YAY!!), I would LOVE for you to get in touch or share my page! Please send inquires to! 


Second shooting with Lauren Taylor Photography in Richmond, VA:


Intimate Beach Ceremony in Avon, NC:


Second shooting with Lauren Taylor Photography in Richmond, VA:


Midlothian, VA:


Asheville, NC Elopement:


Second shooting with MC Photography in Chapel Hill, NC:


XO Remy

Brooke and Ben’s Elopement

I met Brooke and Ben while living and working in Cape Hatteras, NC about four years ago. Brooke was my awesome lady boss at Eli’s family-owned resort. I always loved Brooke. She taught me so much during our time working at Koru Village and we always had a good time! About a year after Brooke and Ben moved away from Hatteras, she contacted me about her idea of eloping. They had a few ideas and weren’t too sure about the location or date, but they did know one thing; they wanted me to photograph their special day and wanted Eli to play the guitar for the ceremony. I just about DIED. I was so excited to hear from Brooke and so honored that she wanted us to be a part of their wedding day!!

After some time and discussion, they decided to land their elopement in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina on May 1, 2017. Shortly after making their decision, they also decided against keeping this elopement a secret. They really wanted their closest family with them for the wedding. You might think “that’s not an elopement”, but who said you can’t elope with your immediate family and doggies by your side? I LOVE that Brooke and Ben wanted it this way. It was intimate, calm, laid back, and full of an enormous amount of love for such a small group.

The day began with rain, thunderstorms, cloudy skies, strong winds, and a flooded ceremony location. All plans for the wedding were changed at the last minute. They decided to have the wedding by the creek (that turned to a river) behind the cabins that everyone was staying at. Turns out, the weather was a blessing in disguise. About two hours before wedding time, the sky cleared, the sun was shining, the winds calmed, and it was the perfect temperature.  These are the situations us wedding professionals live for! We were all thanking the good Lord and couldn’t be more excited for the ceremony to begin.

Brooke and Ben chose a spot to say “I do” in front of a tall tree by the sparkling creek, the backdrop was a luscious green,  and the sun was in the best possible spot. When everyone was ready, the family walked down the grassy aisle, Eli played his guitar, Brooke and her father walked down as Ben’s face lit up.  Beautiful sentiments were shared before they kissed passionately for the first time as husband and wife. Then they ALL celebrated with a shot (not the photography kind, either)!

After the ceremony, Eli played a few songs as Brooke and Ben had their first dance under the breezy trees and it was SO romantic. They also paired up for the sweetest father-daughter and mother-son dance. Portraits with Brooke and Ben were so much fun and they kept me laughing the whole time! Eli and I were so thankful to be a part of this AMAZING day. I felt like everything was in slow motion like watching a romantic movie. My heart also melted when Eli played the guitar… 🙂 Their day couldn’t have been more beautiful and you can feel the love shining through every image. Congratulations to these awesome newlyweds- we wish you so many blessings throughout your marriage and future adventures!

Makeup/Hair by: Ali Lawless


Congratulations Brooke + Ben!

XO, Remy