Becoming Mr. and Mrs. Thompson!

F I N A L L Y!!!! I have been a busy-little-bee since the wedding, but I am so excited I finally get to share our wedding photos!!! Eli and I spent the week of the wedding at the beach in Avon, NC, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t overwhelming. I don’t like to use the word stress..probably because it stresses me out.. but I will say it was a lot to handle. With so many family members and friends in town, it was a lot to balance, but it was SO much fun! Before I knew it, Friday was here and I was getting ready for our wedding rehearsal and dinner. By time we were able to sit down at the rehearsal dinner, it was like a wave of peace came over me and everything was right in the world. It was such a special and perfect night in every way. Eli even played/sang a song for me and all the guests. I don’t think there was a dry eye in there- except for maybe the young kids in back who still think love is weird. My in-laws did an incredible job with the dinner and we are most definitely going to remember that night forever.

June 10, 2017 was a DREAM day. I woke up feeling more relaxed than any other day that week. Before getting out of bed, our dog (Behr) snuggled up to me and put his head on my chest and looked at me like “happy wedding day, mom!”, which was unusual because every other morning he woke up hyper and annoying me to let him out..I snuck out of the house to take a walk on the beach with Behr that morning. It was cloudy and the ocean was insanely calm. Before I walked back to the house, I stopped to say a prayer and give thanks. I swear in that moment God sent me a hug through a burst of sunshine with beautiful big rays shining down on the water. I cried, because duh, your wedding day is emotional! 🙂

The day continued to stay calm while the girls got their hair and makeup done and, of course, the guys went out surfing and riding bikes likes boys do on wedding days… There were so many special moments that I will always remember about those moments before the ceremony. Before I knew it, I was walking down the aisle arm in arm with my dad, looking at nothing but Eli with tears in my eyes. You know in movies when you see everything blurred out around you except for that one person? That’s exactly what happened and it was amazing. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story, mainly because the entire night was a huge blur too.

To sum things up, our wedding was absolutely incredible in every way. Eli and I are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives that surround us with an enormous amount of love. We’re so thankful that everyone traveled all the way to Avon from all over the U.S. to celebrate our marriage. We also can’t thank the vendors enough for working so hard to make our wedding day come to life. We truly had the best of the best vendors and we were so happy to work with all of these people. THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who joined us on this special day. I also have to send a big thank you to my parents who made this possible for us and Eli’s family who worked so hard at Koru Village to make our wedding week perfect for us and our guests. We are so blessed!!


Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of the Seas | Reception Venue: Koru Village Beach Klub | Wedding Planner: The Proper Setting | Ceremony Music: A Major Harmony | Reception Music: In Full | Caterer: Steamers | Cake/Dessert: Just Desserts | Late Night Pizza/Snacks: Cosmo’s Pizzeria | Florist/Decor: Bells & Whistles + The Flower Field | Reception Rentals: Ocean Atlantic Event Rentals | Hair stylist and Makeup artist: Bombshells Studio | Spa/Nails: Spa Koru | Invitations: HLR Designs | Invitation Art Work, Framed Drawing, + Shot Glasses: Nate Knoth | Gown Designer: Hayley Paige | Photographer: Hope Taylor Photography


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 XO Remy

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