officialMy entire world has revolved around weddings for the past five years. It started with an internship, then it became a full-time job, then I began second shooting weddings, then I shot a few weddings on my own, now Eli and I just had a wedding of our own (YIPEE, I’M A WIFEY), and boom, now I’m officially a wedding photographer. I found myself longing to photograph the weddings rather than coordinating the weddings over the past few years. Which was different, because I had always wanted to pursue wedding planning. My background in Hospitality and working in the wedding industry has allowed me to grow and learn so much about the behind the scenes of weddings. This is what I believe will allow me to be such a successful wedding photographer.

After growing more and more as a photographer, I made myself a promise and I created my own goals. I promised and believed that I would take the time to be qualified and ready to become a wedding photographer by the time of our wedding, June 10th, 2017. Since then, I worked hard to make sure this happened, and now here I am. I am 110% confident in my photography skills as a wedding photographer. Two years ago I told a mentor, “I won’t be jumping into weddings until probably ten years from now, because there is too must to learn and I want to feel ready”.  

After all the dedication and determination to officially start my wedding photography business, I am SO excited to start this new journey. In the past year, I was asked several times to shoot weddings for couples I knew or met through portrait sessions. Of course I wanted to say “YES YES YES” so badly, but I knew I wasn’t ready. I felt that I couldn’t commit to something so special and important without really feeling confident in my knowledge and skills. Within the past few months, I realized I was finally ready. Sure, maybe I was ready before that, and it took a little encouragement to say it out loud, but now I can openly say, “I AM READY FOR ANYTHING”. I have seen a lot of photographers jump right into weddings without having full knowledge about what could happen in any situation. While jumping into things can be awesome and I say good for them, it could still become a recipe for disaster. I wanted to be fully ready, and I’m happy to say I am finally at that place.

missionI want for every RTP bride and groom to feel an enormous amount of LOVE on their special day. I’ve seen wedding days from almost every vendor’s perspective before the makeup is applied, after the first kiss, during the cake cutting and so much between. I’ve been a bride who knows the most overwhelming and stressful bits about a wedding. I know everything that goes into a wedding day, and I also know that it is SO important to remember that LOVE is the purpose and meaning of your day. With all of the tiny details, rushing around, tight schedules, and balancing the family and friends around you, it is so important to remember through all of your emotions that your day is about the love you share and celebrating that love with all of those people who love and care about you.

It’s easy to lose focus of what really matters when there is so much going on around you, and I want to be that person who reminds you to take a breathe, close your eyes, hold hands and feel your heart exploding full of joy because you are getting married!!! If you’re a romantic, like me, we might just be a perfect fit. 🙂 My mission is to make sure you feel nothing but love, happiness, and excitement, and that I capture every emotion through the smiles, laughs, tears, kisses, hugs, and everything in between, on YOUR wedding day. 

While my new website is being updated and reviewed for my “Launch Day”, I’ll be sharing my own images from most of the weddings I have been a second shooter or main photographer at thus far. I hope you enjoy! 

If you or someone you know is getting married in 2018(YAY!!), I would LOVE for you to get in touch or share my page! Please send inquires to! 


Second shooting with Lauren Taylor Photography in Richmond, VA:


Intimate Beach Ceremony in Avon, NC:


Second shooting with Lauren Taylor Photography in Richmond, VA:


Midlothian, VA:


Asheville, NC Elopement:


Second shooting with MC Photography in Chapel Hill, NC:


XO Remy

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