My Bachelorette Party!

My bachelorette party wasn’t like I ever pictured it would be..


Was it better because it was in Marco Island, FL? No. Was it better because my Maid Of Honor/sister, Tori, surprised me with EVERYTHING including the location, house, decorations, and hilarious games? No. Was it because we danced all night every night and laughed until we couldn’t breathe and didn’t want to waste fun time by sleeping? No. IT WAS THE PEOPLE. Tori, Alyssa, Christielee, Sarah, Jennifer, and Ellisa. My bridesmaids, my sisters, and best friends!!!!! They made this trip so much better than I could have ever imagined.

Five years ago, right before meeting Eli, I would have never guessed that these would be my people and some of the best women in my life. Sure, I knew my sister would be there as my MOH, but I had other people in my life at the time that I thought would be there celebrating this special time with me. My parents always said, “friends come and go, but family is forever”. I’ve been blessed with not one, but THREE sisters now. And the other three that joined us on the trip- I consider them sisters too. These girls are my family.

That’s why my bachelorette trip was so amazing. Each of these ladies care SO much about me. They love me, they accept me, they laugh with me, they cry with me, they listen to me, they teach me, and I do my best to give that to them in return. None of us live near each other, but we make the effort to talk to each other often and check up when it’s been a little too long. All of the girls knew each other prior to the trip of course, but certainly not on the same level as when we left the trip. There was some serious bonding time to be had in the best of ways. Everyone left the weekend feeling like best friends that created hilarious and awesome memories together. Everyone got along better than I could have guessed and let’s just say we had WAY too much fun!!! They all made this trip so special and memorable because they truly wanted to celebrate #Remy’sFinalFiesta! 🙂 Rather than sharing ALL the funny and crazy stories from the trip, the pictures can do the honors as I am going to give a little shoutout to my bridesmaids.


Christielee and I met while she and my brother were attending George Mason and I was visiting for one of his crazy frat parties. When I met Christielee, I absolutely loved her and knew my brother (secretively) did too. We became closer when I continued to visit GMU and after vacationing for spring break as a group. It was during that trip that I knew her and my brother belonged together. Now she is my sister-in-law, my role model of a woman/mother/wife, my mentor, and, before all that, she has always been an amazing friend. I’m so blessed to have someone as empowering, kind, and loving in my life. The Biase family gained one hell of a chick!2017-05-23_0007.jpg

Ellisa was my boss’s daughter, my co-worker, my roommate/landlord, my boyfriends sister, but always my friend. I knew she was a cool-girl when I met her at ECU and I noticed she was still rockin’ a jean skirt in college and wore badass jewelry all the time. I also knew that when I had a problem with some chick at work that one day and she hunted the girl down, ready to punch her in the face for me, that she would be a loyal sister and a friend that would be there when I need it the most. I couldn’t ask for a better family to enter into or a better sister to gain. She has always been an amazing older sister/friend to Eli and I’m blessed to join such a strong family with the values they all share.2017-05-23_0008.jpg

Jennifer is my college gal-pal, dance partner, always-a-call away bestie.We went from bible study to getting into trouble at the bars. We prayed together and we partied together. We all have that friend. 🙂 She makes me laugh insanely hard and she’s literally never embarrassed to do anything crazy in public- it is SO entertaining. We’ve watched each other go through so many ups and downs in such a weird time of our lives and we were always there. We went through heartbreak, love, adventure, hurt, laughter, losing friends, gaining friends, and a lot of change. College is a time for experiences and having way too much fun- she was there for it all. I left ECU with a groom, but also a best friend. Jennifer is so selfless and thoughtful that she actually refuses to see anyone unhappy. She cares SO MUCH, (maybe too much 😉 ) about everyone, and she will share her joy and big heart with just about anyone.2017-05-23_0005.jpg

Sarah is my hyper, hilarious, athletic, and beautiful best friend from way back in the day! We originally met in 5th grade when only a few select kids from different elementary schools were chosen to perform at an all-county chorus concert (we’re great singers..ha). We ended up standing next to each other in the performance and introducing ourselves. Skip to 7th grade Health/P.E. class where we met again at SCMS- she was too sarcastic and I didn’t understand her humor, but somehow we still became besties. Sarah is that friend that you might not see for long periods of time, but nothing ever changes about your relationship. We will always have a strong friendship because we love each other so much. I could share a million funny stories about us, but I won’t go there. Sarah is the most caring, understanding, and loving person. I couldn’t imagine a better friend by my side through so many different stages of life.2017-05-23_0006.jpg

Tori Rose is my little sister, my Maid of Honor, a wild child, “a rebel soul and a whole lot of gypsy”, my best friend since birth, and my favorite human. She surprised me with the most unforgettable one-in-a-lifetime bachelorette party trip. I’m not surprised that she has been an incredible MOH, but I am shocked at how much closer we have become over the past few years. We were always close and we of course always fought like sisters do, but our friendship has now turned into this strong and unbreakable bond that I didn’t know sisters could have. Tori grew into the most incredible, inspiring, badass of a women, whom I admire in every way. I can’t picture growing up without her next to me and I can’t wait to have her holding my bouquet by my side on the alter while I say “I do”. Tori- I love you immensely and unconditionally. You are my forever best friend and I thank God for you every day. I also thank mom for forcing us to be roommates for the first half of our lives so that we would be close as adults and… look at us now. 🙂unnamed-53.jpg2017-05-23_0009.jpg

Alyssa may not be one of my bridesmaids, but I consider her my second little sissy. Tori and Lys have been friends for a very long time. They’re like each other’s spirit animals. Naturally Alyssa and I became closer the older we got and we grew more like friends and sisters, instead of just my little sister’s friend. We all have so much fun together and I love getting girl time with them. I love that we can share anything, trust each other, and hang out like gal pals. I call Tori and Alyssa cool-girls because they’re so much cooler and hip than I am. They think I’m always being mean and sarcastic when I say it, but I seriously wish I were as awesome as them! Alyssa is a strong, independent, kind-hearted, fun, adventurous, amazing human. I am so happy she could be a part of this special trip and time in my life. 2017-05-23_0010.jpg

Now for the Cinco De Mayo themed Bachelorette Party photos!..Well, the appropriate ones at least 🙂 Sorry for the terrible phone quality- I chose to pack heels over my camera…

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XO, Remy

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  1. That was amazing!!! I felt like I was a part of it!!! Looking forward to reading about the rest of your exciting journey! You are so very blessed & it’s obvious that you easily share those blessings with others…your wedding day is going to be more than what you ever dreamed! 💐💕

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