My Surprise Pink Bridal Shower

Saturday, April 8th was the planned date for my bridal shower way back in October. My mom was so excited to take over and plan this for me! Little did I know, I was getting the best surprise party of my life and I will never forget it!! She told me a long time ago that she wanted everything about it to be a surprise. So I basically didn’t know who was coming, where it would be, what we were doing, literally nothing, except for the fact that it was about me, so I needed to look real real good. Let’s review Saturday’s events, shall we?

Friday morning I found out that my two best gal pals, Sarah and Jennifer, were coming that afternoon to stay the night with me and my parents house- YASSS! So we all woke up together on Saturday morning feelin’ good, feelin’ great. My legs were shaved for once, so that’s how you know it’s going to be a good day. We enjoyed a little breakfast and then got to work. I haven’t straightened my hair in literally five years, or longer, and it was time that changed. I wanted to look different than I normally do, you know? And because my tiny head has grown more hair than 30 women combined and has indestructible curls,  I needed some help. Two girls, two straighteners, two big-ass clips, and with the help of Jesus, my hair was ready within 40 minutes (“you girls keep me young”-Mean Girls, anyone?). Then we took our sweet time getting ready, while mom made it very clear to be ready by 1pm. Everyone was ready just in time..then the unthinkable happened….my mom realized she LOST HER KEYS as soon as we were ready to we searched and searched and it took about fifteen minutes for her to find the keys in her coat pocket..and now we were running behind. Of course mom was freaking out but there I was not knowing what we were late for, so I wasn’t too worried about it. 

So it’s just me and mom on the way downtown and she is literally driving 60mph out of our sleepy little neighborhood (nothing new), blasting her favorite jams, while getting the directions up on her phone.  As we arrived closer to the destination, I saw the Quirk Hotel ahead of us… I was SO excited, as I just knew it had to be there! Then we turned the corner and the GPS kept going so I was slightly bummed out. We kept driving around for another minute and then the GPS announced that we arrived at our destination, Quirk Hotel– I was fooled! Mom looked at me smiling and I couldn’t contain my excitement! I have been wanting to go there since it opened because DUH- it is the cutest boutique hotel and nearly everything is pink!!! I couldn’t wait to go inside!

We dropped off the car with valet and walked inside (with my camera bag, because obviously I was ready to take the pictures throughout the event). I look to the right and I see my sweet friend, Caroline (Planner + Designer of Posh PR and The Caroline Doll!) I immediately knew what was happening and I said “CAROLINEEE!??” as she walked towards me saying “Remy!!!?? Oh my gosh, what are you doing here?! This is so crazy!” I could have burst into tears right then, but I was so overly excited to follow her into the room that she was walking us over to.

As we approach the room, she opens the door and there I see Hope Taylor and Drew snapping pictures of me walking in! I was freaking out!! First, Caroline, then Hope!? I of course started ugly crying in partial shock of what was happening and my heart felt like it was going to just burst into confetti! Then I took a look around at the most spectacular room I have ever seen, and couldn’t believe it. The space was indoor with an open roof, so it was also partially outside with the sun shining down on us. It was truly the most perfect weather for a flawless day. Caroline decorated the room with all things pink (what other color is there?) in the classiest and prettiest way possible. It was so me and everything I could dream of!! There was champagne, pretty party favors, cotton candy, sprinkles, an invitation suite, a balloon backdrop for pictures, giant tassel balloons, every shade of pink, pretty little desserts, and a lot of love + laughter!

I just can’t believe my mom met with Caroline back in December to start planning the event!! I can’t thank them enough for doing this all for me. Having Caroline and Hope there meant so much to me. They are two women in the creative industry that I look up to in every way and consider dear friends. My mom went all out, but I didn’t expect anything less!! She is the best human ever and gave me the most memorable + special bridal shower that I will always remember. I am so thankful for all the friends and family that went out of their way to shower me with love! Now I will share my favorite photos from the party, which I know you’ve all been waiting so patiently to see! 🙂

ALL images photographed by Hope Taylor Photography. Thank you Hope and Drew! XO

Remy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0001.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0009.jpgView More:'s Surprise Bridal Shower-0011.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0016.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0022.jpgView More: More:

Remy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0043.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0049.jpgView More: heart!!!!! And my cry face…yikes…View More: More:

2017-04-10_0007.jpg2017-04-10_0008.jpg2017-04-10_0009.jpg2017-04-10_0010.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0188.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0142.jpgView More: More: More:'s Surprise Bridal Shower-0147.jpg2017-04-10_0015.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0169.jpg2017-04-10_0016.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0177.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0210.jpg2017-04-10_0017.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0324.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0200.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0207.jpgView More: More:'s Surprise Bridal Shower-0218.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0327.jpg2017-04-10_0018.jpgRemy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0332.jpg2017-04-10_0019.jpgBest bridal party ever! Love these girls so much!Remy's Surprise Bridal Shower-0344.jpg

I know, I know, that was a LOT of pictures, but I just couldn’t narrow them down!! Now do you see why I love all these people so much? They just light up the room and the whole day was filled with joy! To conclude this post for today, I will be sharing a few stories from our night out downtown…

All of us girls, plus Eli, (because all the dudes bailed for night- lame), went out to a couple of bars that night after hanging out at my sister’s apartment. Some events that come to mind after everyone’s had a few drinks: I left my phone in the Uber and somehow magically got it back within an hour, I was yelling at one of the bouncers because he was going to separate me and my girls before going into the bathroom- I DON’T THINK SO. I scared him and we won. We moved onto the next bar and ended up in some little nook dancing to ourselves while Eli made friends with the bouncer and God only knows what they were talking about. Lizzy pulled out an orange and started eating it at the bar, Kelsey disappeared and got her own Uber home without saying a word, then we all realized pizza would be AMAZING right then and there so we had to leave. I ordered the Uber to take us back to Midlothian at 1:30am, yes it was $65 and we didn’t care (at the time). So all seven of us jump in the mini van that picked us up and the driver starts yelling at us because we had too many people, but we tried convincing him that everything was going to be okay, we all fit, it was all good. Sarah said “we’ll take care of you”. And he was grateful. But he hated us already. On the ride back home, I called maybe six pizza places to see if they were still delivering, and got NOTHING. I was sooooo hangry. I mean nothing beats pizza at 2am. So basically, I sobered up real fast because I was so mad. Eli was screaming nonsense into my ears, everyone was talking about food, and all I could think about was pizza. We arrived at my parents house and the Uber pulls up at the bottom of the driveway. I was sharing a seat with Eli so I was sort of on the edge. I handed the driver a tip while the girls started piling out of the van and then it happened. I had zero clue that both doors of the mini van opened up and I literally just dropped out of the seat, flew out of the van backwards, and fell onto my back. Thankfully I wasn’t drunk or else my head probably would have hit the asphalt first, but OUCCHHHHHH. Eli rushed to help me and the driver opened his door to check on me, but said nothing. It’s fine driver man, you don’t need to worry about me buddy! All the girls were dying laughing and I was about ready to punch someone in the nose. Because one- no pizza, two- no pizza, and three- my back hurt because I fell out of a mini van..yay. Jennifer tried really hard not to laugh and help me, Sarah ran up the driveway because she was on the struggle bus, everyone else was drunkenly cracking up and ready to eat chips and salsa. So here’s the lesson of the day: don’t overpack an Uber, look both ways when you’re in a mini van, order your pizza before you get to the point of starvation at 1:30am, and do not order an Uber from Richmond to Midlothian.-it’ll get ya!

Photography: Hope Taylor Photography

Planning/Design/Decor: The Caroline Doll

Venue: Quirk Hotel

XO, Remy

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