Photography For Hubbies Series: Eli and Our Story

“Eli’s comin’, hide your heart, girls!”

That’s a song, I didn’t make that up.. Look it up.

So you guys, last night I had a dream that I punched some girl in the face because she kissed Eli. NOPE, NOT MY MAN. Let me tell you a little bit about my fiancé, Elijah Thompson. I love him, a lot. But if you want to get in on some juicy secrets about us, keep reading..

In my Junior year of college I was hired by this super cool, flip-flop wearing, island man named Joe Thompson. I was about to start my first internship for the summer on Hatteras Island as a resort concierge. This was the first step into my future. Joe is Eli’s Dad. Have you connected the dots yet? The summer was starting and I moved into a beach house full of 5 ECU interns plus the owners of the house, Eli and Ellisa (brother and sister). Love these people so much, this was honestly the best summer ever and it changed my life.


OK everything above is just to set the scene, now for those juicy secrets I was telling you about:

Secret one: Eli and I kissed the very first week of meeting (sorry Dad) and we didn’t tell anyone. Secret two: I was lying to myself and everyone around me saying I had zero interest in Eli for about half the summer. “Reasons”? Because he was a year younger than me, he was my bosses son, and “I wasn’t ready for a relationship”. Yep, I was really annoying back then and I’m not so sure why he put up with me for so long. Secret three: We started openly liking each other in July and then August 14th, 2013 rolled around. Eli took me to his secret spot in Frisco and we climbed a water tower. He asked me “would you ever be my girlfriend?”.  I said “yes” thinking he was officially asking me to be his girlfriend. We were all excited and giddy and cute and went out for snow cones, awwww. Then I found out that he wasn’t actually asking me to be his girlfriend, he was literally just asking me if one day I would be his girlfriend. Embarrassing, but all good! 🙂  Secret four: We loved each other a lot and we knew it but thought it was crazy because we only knew each other for a couple of months. Although Eli spent the first five months of our relationship studying abroad in Scotland, we knew we wanted to be together and made long distance work no matter how hard it got. I was looking forward to picking him up from the airport for far too long, and when that day came, I had butterflies and being able to hug and kiss him again, was the best feeling in the world.

2017-03-29_0003Water tower date! 🙂

2017-03-29_0002Our first summer together in Avon! He’s the cutest.

Eli proposed to me on December 13, 2015. I won’t get into this romantic little story yet because I HAVE to add pictures, so I’ll write a separate blog post about that another day! 🙂 We have created our own adventure through this time of being engaged. I mean, after June 10th, we’re never going to be calling each other “fiancé” again! So we decided to enjoy this time together, figure out a few things individually and as a couple, and take our sweet time planning for our wedding! It’s been the most incredible year and 3 months and we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together. We’re BESTIES!!! Life without him just wouldn’t be as fun. We’ve been through many of hair phases together. He makes me a better person, and I like to think I do the same for him. 🙂 We’re teammates, we balance each other well, we make sacrifices for one another, we love each other at our worst and at our best. We’re so thankful I got that email to do an internship in the OBX, that I got hired, that Eli had the patience to fight for me even when I was being a silly single girl, and that we have stuck together through literally everything.

aPhoto by Caroline Jarvis Photography

View More: by Hope Taylor Photography

Now that you know our story, I’ll let Eli introduce himself and share what he already knows about being a photographer.  To avoid confusion, his writing will show in his favorite color, Blue 🙂

Hey ladiessssss, and gentlemen for that matter (let’s be real, we all want to read this blog). First of all, I just want to say how proud and excited I am for this woman here.  I’ve always known that Remy’s passion for photography is very deep and true, but in the past few months (even weeks) I have seen her blossom exponentially.  She deserves 100% of the credit for her successes and milestones, as I spend most of my time trying not to get in the way and saying “that looks amazing, babe” non-stop.  Her photography, her energy and her personality are inexplicably unique and perfect for this wild profession she has chosen to pursue.

Ah, damn, I guess I was supposed to say something about myself… 

My name is Eli. I was born and raised on Hatteras Island. I graduated from East Carolina in 2015. I’ve been on this beautiful Earth for 23 years and cherish each day like it is my first.  I love extreme things like surfing, snowboarding, waterfall jumping and long road trips to unplanned destinations.  I also love to chill.  I am very artistic, but only when it comes to music and creativity; visually I’m at a 3rd grade level.  I love exploring new towns, spending time with family and eating great food (all the time).  I am a die hard UNC fan (Go Heels, Final Four babyyy). I am medically forbidden from eating gluten (mmm, doughnuts).  I am madly in love with Remy and our little fluff muffin, Behr.


I guess I can discuss my experience as a photographer and what I know about operating a camera: NOTHING.  I must say, Remy has great taste in men, but horrible taste in second shooters.  I like to consider myself up to this point as something of a “session jester”.  The session jester’s job is to make sure there is nothing awkward about the shoot, and never hesitating to make a client laugh if they seem tense (after all, those candid smiles are the best, right?).  Nothing breaks the ice like forcing a reflector in a clients face while humming the Star Wars theme song, or doing cartwheels while screaming in order to get the baby to look towards the camera. Don’t judge me baby. 

With that said, word on the street is “things are gonna change around here” (please read that in a country western accent).  Remy is right on the cusp of growing her business into something very legitimate, and very legitimately time consuming.  With this growth, she is going to need actual help shooting some of her more demanding sessions.  A few weeks ago, while Remy was at the Hope Taylor workshop, I had a frustrating job interview in our new town.  I am a very stubborn person when it comes to what I do for a living, as I prefer to do something that I feel is productive and stimulates my passions as well.  After leaving the interview I sent Remy a half-joking text that went something like: “Well that stunk, I feel like I should just become your second shooter and we can travel this world together and be legit”. Little did I know that she was talking to the girls at the workshop about this topic THAT morning.  In my eyes, not only does it make logical sense in regards to pay, travel, etc. it makes sense in every way! I love spending time with Remy, it is one of my favorite hobbies.  Now, picturing spending time together, doing what we love (traveling, meeting people, making art), while making a living (hopefully) is such a no-brainer.  Where do I sign?

All things considered, I still have A LOT to learn before this dream can become a reality, but I have faith that Remy is going to be the best teacher in the world for this.  I can’t wait to keep you guys informed on how my Photography Jedi Training is going (sorry, Star Wars nerd). Every week you are going to see an excerpt from me, reciting what I have learned about photography and the camera in each series.  Wish me (and Remy) luck, and may the force be with us (again, sorry). Peace y’all!


Photography For Hubbies: Lesson 1 on April 6th

Join us next Thursday for our first lesson with Eli! We will be starting with the basics about the camera. We hope you can follow along this fun journey!

XO, Remy + Eli

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  1. Love reading your blogs!!! Eli adds that extra sumpin sumpin to it! The mix of romance, honesty, life stories, & humor leaves the reader intrigued! I feel like I’m taking the journey along with you two & its so much fun! Thank you both for a fun read!!😁

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