The Boathouse At Sunday Park Wedding | Haley + Evan

I ask all my couples to fill out a questionnaire during their wedding planning process and one of my questions asks them to tell me more about their love story. This is one of my favorite stories that Haley told me… “Evan and I met in Kindergarten! We were in the same class and our Kindergarten teacher is actually going to officiate our wedding! I had a crush on him in Kindergarten, but he thought girls had cooties, so apparently my feelings were unrequited. We had crushes on each other off and on growing up (we “dated” a few summers in middle school), and after my family moved we stayed in touch by attending the same community pool each summer. We had our first jobs as lifeguards together there in summers during high school, and after a few years of the timing being wrong, we officially started dating junior year of high school. About 6 years later, after we both graduated from UVA and had been working in different cities for a year, we moved in together and adopted a dog, who we named Cora after the pool we went to growing up. After over 7 years of dating, we went hiking to a waterfall in upstate New York, and Evan proposed to me there by the edge of the water with only our sweet dog as a witness…it was beautiful. So depending on how you look at it, we are college, high school, and kindergarten sweethearts.”

How amazing is that!? I rarely get to photograph high school sweethearts, but these two are basically Kindergarten sweethearts!! Haley and Evan are so in love it makes me tear up just looking back through their wedding gallery. They are the kindest people with the sweetest families and they are truly so special. This wedding was one of my absolute favorites from beginning to end! Not only is The Boat House at Sunday Park one of my favorite venues, but because the couple made it 1000 times better than I could ever imagine. I’m so thankful they hired me and that I could be a part of their big day.  I’ll also be photographing Haley’s sister’s wedding this winter and I’m so excited to party with them all over again! 🙂

Congratulations Haley and Evan! Thank you for asking me to capture such a joyful day full of endless love and laughter! 

Haley&Evan.115.jpgHaley&Evan.62.jpg2019-09-24_0002.jpgHaley&Evan.107.jpg2019-09-24_0001.jpgHaley&Evan.87.jpgHaley&Evan.49.jpg2019-09-24_0003.jpgHaley&Evan.68.jpgHaley&Evan.124.jpgHaley&Evan.96.jpg2019-09-24_0004.jpgHaley&Evan.162.jpg2019-09-24_0005.jpg2019-09-24_0006.jpgHaley&Evan.5503.jpg2019-09-24_0010.jpg2019-09-24_0009.jpgHaley&Evan.5606.jpgHaley&Evan.267.jpgHaley&Evan.247.jpgHaley&Evan.278.jpgI love that Haley threw the bottle back then her bridesmaids all started cheering, haha! They’re the best.Haley&Evan.294.jpgHaley&Evan.305.jpgHaley&Evan.345.jpg2019-09-24_0007.jpgHaley&Evan.386.jpg2019-09-24_0008.jpgHaley&Evan.441.jpgHaley&Evan.530.jpg

And this is why I love this girl… My kind of bus ride! They were blasting the music and gettin down before they arrived at the Boathouse. So much fun!!Haley&Evan.650.jpgHaley&Evan.2238.jpgHaley&Evan.2229.jpg2019-09-24_0019.jpgHaley&Evan.2216.jpg2019-09-24_0011.jpg2019-09-24_0012.jpgHaley&Evan.833.jpg2019-09-24_0013.jpgHaley&Evan.823.jpgHaley&Evan.754.jpgHaley&Evan.777.jpgHaley&Evan.810.jpgHaley&Evan.786.jpgHaley&Evan.803.jpgHaley and Evan’s first look was beautiful and so special!2019-09-24_0014.jpgHaley&Evan.5631.jpgHaley&Evan.872.jpgHaley&Evan.5640.jpgHaley&Evan.2212.jpgHaley&Evan.1170.jpgHaley&Evan.1182.jpgHaley&Evan.1193.jpgHaley&Evan.5176.jpgHaley&Evan.5138.jpgHaley’s sweet sister was crying as she walked down the aisle. Looking at these makes me tear up! Haley&Evan.1196.jpgHaley&Evan.5174.jpgHaley&Evan.5193.jpgHaley&Evan.1209.jpgHaley&Evan.5268.jpgHaley&Evan.1268.jpgHaley&Evan.1302.jpgHaley&Evan.1353.jpgHaley&Evan.5358.jpgHaley&Evan.1363.jpgHaley&Evan.1373.jpgHaley&Evan.1386.jpg

The nailed the ceremony exit kiss!Haley&Evan.2679.jpg

^This is their kindergarten teacher holding the framed picture of their kindergarten class together. SO CUTE!!!Haley&Evan.1459.jpgHaley&Evan.1476.jpgHaley&Evan.1493.jpgHaley&Evan.2059.jpgHaley&Evan.2088.jpgHaley&Evan.2068.jpgHaley&Evan.2042.jpgHaley&Evan.2000.jpgHaley&Evan.1557.jpg

These were the absolute sweetest bridesmaids and they looked stunning in this color!2019-09-24_0017.jpgHaley&Evan.1595.jpgHaley&Evan.1563.jpgHaley&Evan.1577.jpgHaley&Evan.1684.jpgHaley&Evan.1702.jpgHaley&Evan.1703.jpg

^ I told them to get in a straight line… they went vertical instead of horizontal and I said welp, I can work with this! 🙂 This is just the funniest groomsmen shot, I wish every wedding would do this, haha! Haley&Evan.1710.jpg2019-09-24_0025.jpgHaley&Evan.2425.jpg

I can’t get over how stunning Haley is!!! And let me tell you, a cathedral veil is the way to go, future brides!! You can do so many dreamy things with it in your photos!2019-09-24_0024.jpgHaley&Evan.2432.jpgHaley&Evan.2742.jpg2019-09-24_0026.jpgHaley&Evan.2366.jpgHaley&Evan.2127.jpg2019-09-24_0018.jpgHaley&Evan.2369.jpgHaley&Evan.2171.jpg2019-09-24_0020.jpgHaley&Evan.2209.jpgHaley&Evan.2387.jpg2019-09-24_0021.jpgHaley&Evan.2367.jpg

^This is one of my favorite pictures. There is so much joy and love between these two!2019-09-24_0022.jpgHaley&Evan.2381.jpg2019-09-24_0023.jpgHaley&Evan.2844.jpgHaley&Evan.3030.jpgHaley&Evan.2919.jpgHaley&Evan.2785.jpg2019-09-24_0027.jpgHaley&Evan.2912.jpgHaley&Evan.2992.jpgHaley&Evan.2984.jpgHaley&Evan.2819.jpgHaley&Evan.3027.jpgHaley&Evan.3012.jpgHaley&Evan.2770.jpgHaley&Evan.3018.jpgHaley&Evan.2798.jpgHaley&Evan.2974.jpgHaley&Evan.2823.jpgHaley&Evan.2811.jpg2019-09-24_0028.jpgHaley&Evan.2917.jpgHaley&Evan.2952.jpgHaley&Evan.5481.jpgCouldn’t leave without a few sunset shots! Portraits were scheduled at the perfect time!Haley&Evan.5478.jpgHaley&Evan.2920.jpgHaley&Evan.2929.jpg2019-09-24_0015.jpgThe Boathouse has the most beautiful reception room and I love the decor Haley chose!

Haley&Evan.1032.jpg2019-09-24_0016.jpgHaley&Evan.3149.jpgHaley&Evan.5786.jpgHaley&Evan.5800.jpgHaley&Evan.3192.jpgHow cute is this first dance!? Love it!Haley&Evan.3163.jpgHaley&Evan.3138.jpgHaley&Evan.6132.jpgHaley&Evan.3344.jpgHaley&Evan.3633.jpgHaley&Evan.3654.jpgHaley&Evan.6152.jpgHaley&Evan.3679.jpgHaley&Evan.6156.jpgHaley&Evan.3897.jpgHaley&Evan.4710.jpg^literally one of my favorite bride and groom dancing shots!Haley&Evan.4721.jpgHaley&Evan.4755.jpgHaley&Evan.4994.jpgHaley&Evan.6754.jpgHaley&Evan.4150.jpgAt the end of the night while guests were preparing for the glow stick exit, Haley and Evan had one last dance and it was so sweet.Haley&Evan.7093.jpgHaley&Evan.5025.jpgHaley&Evan.7096.jpgHaley&Evan.5072.jpgHaley&Evan.5078.jpg

Photography- Remy Thompson Photography

Venue- The Boathouse at Sunday Park

Planner- CCS Events RVA

Videographer- Charles Hurley Films

Forals- Sweet Pea Floral Designs LLC

Cake/Desserts- WPA Bakery


Transportation- Richmond Limo

Hair/makeup- FBJ Weddings

Gown- Tiffany’s Bridal

Mens Attire- The Black Tux


A Romantic Virginia Beach Couple’s Session | Lindsey + Peyton

I have to say, I think this is probably one of my favorite couples sessions, even if it’s a little throw back. Everything about Lindsey and Peyton’s shoot at the beach was beyond dreamy, steamy, and romantic. The lighting was perfect, the ocean was calm, plus these two were happy to climb a few rocks and get their feet wet. Lindsey’s eyes pop the most beautiful bright blue and the dress was a perfect choice, plus I just love how much taller Peyton is than Lindsey because it always puts them in a natural pose that just looks so cute! Between their chemistry, the way they look at each other, and the entire setting overall… I’m smitten over every picture!

These two got engaged last Fall and these were taken just a few months before while I was visiting Virginia Beach. After knowing this sweet couple for such a long time, I was thrilled to see them get engaged and I am so excited to be the one to capture their wedding day THIS WEEKEND!!!! It’s going to be such a special day, I can’t wait to see Lindsey as a stunning bride and her handsome groom all dressed up!

University of Richmond Graduation Celebration!

I’m so excited to share these cuties on the blog! This was my first time stepping onto the U of R campus for a photoshoot, so the location was new to me. These five pretty ladies took me around campus to get some shots all together and also separately. We had so much fun capturing their close friendships and celebrating their graduation that was coming up. I knew it was going to be a good time as soon as I met them! Of course they wanted to include some champagne shots at this particular spot by the water. It ended with a big surprise and a LOT of laughing! We saved the champagne popping for the last part of the shoot just in case they were to get sprayed- thank God we did because WOW, I’ve never experienced a champagne spray quite like this one! During their champagne pictures, I was mistakenly sprayed right in the face and I was pretty much drenched in champagne and sweat- yep, I smelled great… I literally had to wipe down my lens in order to finish those shots and we couldn’t stop laughing! It was hilarious and shocking all at the same time. Out of all the champagne popping pictures I’ve done, this was one thing that hadn’t happened yet. Now I can say I have full experience in the champagne popping department and I’m okay with it! 🙂 Congratulations to these beauties!

Andddd that’s when I get sprayed in the eyeballs and need to wipe down my lens, haha!